Market House. HMRC Photo Collection MSS 0114-0715.
Market House. HMRC Photo Collection MSS 0114-0715.


HMRC staff is proud to offer a complement of services to support our customers' reseach needs. The variety of collections and resources available at HMRC requires a staff with a commitment to service that allows ease of access to materials while preserving them for future generations of customers.
  • HMRC staff is available to assist researchers in locating useful materials by suggesting relevant resources, by facilitating access to collection indexes and finding aids, and by providing thoughtful referrals.
  • HMRC staff answers e-mail, telephone, and traditional mail questions daily. Many customer inquiries can be answered without a trip to downtown Houston. If you have any questions, please contact us.
  • High quality reproductions of HMRC collection photos and maps can be ordered in a variety of sizes and finishes. For a price list of standard sized reproductions, please consult the Reproduction and Permission to Publish Form and Price List. HMRC can accomodate nonstandard requests on a case-by-case basis. Sample prints are available for viewing in the Texas Room.
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