This collection represents a major portion of Clayton Library's holdings most of which are not listed in the Houston Public Library Catalog.

The Microprint Collection is generally organized in 4 major sections: General USA, individual States, Foreign materials and Family Histories.

As you look through the collection, you will find that each roll of microfilm or microfiche has been examined, analyzed and annotated.
For instance, in the National Archives microfilm publication, M575 16 rolls Copies of Lists of Passengers Arriving at Miscellaneous Ports on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and at Ports on the Great Lakes, 1820-1873; there is not only a general title entry but an entry is included under every state, county and town for each of the 58 ports included in that set.

As of January 2012 Clayton Library has more than 110,000 rolls of microfilm, 203,000 pieces of microfiche and 650 microcards, ranging in time from the 1600s up through the year 2002 and including materials from the USA and around the world. This is a valuable collection, which contains something of interest for everyone.

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